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Take control of your allergies. Do not let your allergies hold you back from living your life.

Dr. Patel with more than 3 decades of experience is now available for telemedicine from the comfort

of your home. Request an appointment now.

Dr. Ashok Patel, Allergist, Pueblo, Colorado

Connect virtually

Our staff is very personable and will explain about how to set-up an appointment and fill out paperwork. In a few quick easy steps, you will be able to connect virtually with Dr. Patel, allergist.

We care for you

For you and your family's safety in times of pandemic, connect with Dr. Ashok Patel from the comfort of your home. He gives us his undivided attention. He is committed to your safety and health.

Easy fillable paperwork

Go to Forms Page and fill in paperwork before your scheduled appointment. Paperwork is easy fillable pdfs that you can save on your device and email to us at

Efficient Eligibility Check

Eligibility check to intelligently determine, patient-by-patient, satisfaction of medical necessity requirements.

Automated Pre-Visit Outreach

Get the process of treatment underway before patients visit us, with eligibility-checked pre-visit communication via text or email. Now, patients come prepared and Dr. Patel save time when the patient visit begins.

Smart Intake

Information-gathering process begins the moment appointment is confirmed with doctor, making efficient use of every in-office/telemedicine moment. Information is shared with the doctor in advance and he is ready to start informed exam-room conversations.

Simple, Compliant Virtual Care

We gives you ease and worry free telemedicine visit option to provide care where and when it's needed most—wherever our patients are—without comprising your safety and from the comfort of your home.

Assisted Care Plan Creation

Our staff is trained in guiding patients through care plan creation, simplifying patient engagement, and helping patients to understand their care plan.

Preventive Care Walkthroughs

An intuitive approach, integrated smart service offers custom, step-by-step instructions that reduce time spent on each visits, giving us more time for curative care and connecting with patients.


Diplomate, American Board of Allergy and Immunology with fellowship at National Jewish Health, Denver

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