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If you encounter poor customer service, billing problems or any other issue which needs our attention, please write an email to Kindly include following information for us to help you:

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At Academy Allergy Asthma and Sinus Center, we are committed to excellent customer service. Dr. Patel has been treating patients for more than 3 decades and most patients praise him. A mother of child also hailed him as an 'angel'. 

Following are a few scenarios where in patient disagree with us and our suggestions on how we can resolve them:

1. Patient demanding for prescription refill for a year without being seen by doctor.

Medical conditions require follow-ups. Some doctors do fewer follow-ups. We believe in follow-ups to make the correct diagnosis, revise treatment, and to make sure that your health condition is being monitored properly. Different doctors practice with different styles. If other doctors, prescribe your medication without seeing you, you can save money by following with them. We take our job seriously, before we order a prescription refill, we want to see, access, and then provide treatment. 

2. Why do you charge me so much when the doctor only only sees me for 5 minutes?

To evaluate and make our recommendation on telemedicine session, we spend quite a bit time which you may not realize. During the session the we focus on solving the issues and not on time spent. Some sessions, require less time because we have provided effective treatment. Other session require more time. We do not look from the perspective of time but from the angle of solving the issues.

To save the money, you can get the prescriptions refilled from your primary care doctor. 


Diplomate, American Board of Allergy and Immunology with fellowship at National Jewish Health, Denver

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