Please try your best to fill the following FILLABLE PDF forms electronically. Next, print the forms and take with you for the appointment. 

Most patients tell me that other doctors take patient history in a different way. I appreciate that you understand my method of patient care.


I have helped thousands of patients. To help you, I need to understand your symptoms. I can get information from you in two ways:


  1. I ask you about your symptoms; you may reply in a hurry to save my time; I may misunderstand your answers. So, I may not get the comprehensive information.

  2. You take your own time and  write your symptoms in your own words; as you are not rushed, I will get more accurate picture of your medical problems.


Even during follow-ups, I will ask you to write your symptoms and your medications. I want you to write your medications rather than my nurse copying the information from the chart because you may be taking medications differently than what we prescribed.  


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation the new method of healthcare delivery, telemedicine. To get the best out of your televisit, please:

  • Fill in the form a day before the appointment. Next, email us the form at

  • If you need help with technical issues, please call us right away.

  • If we do not receive the form filled by you, we may reschedule your appointment.


Thank you!


(This also includes returning patients we have not seen for more than a year.)


Diplomate, American Board of Allergy and Immunology with fellowship at National Jewish Health, Denver


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