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What are patients saying about Dr. Ashok Patel

Patient Testimonial

Letters received by Dr. Ashok Patel

Patient 1

"When I come into your office, I feel like my problems and symptoms are as important to you and your staff as they are to me. Your staff is very competent, friendly, and helpful."


Patient 2

"I want to also thank your staff for treating me with compassion and for treating me like one of the family. I would definitely recommend your services to others like me."


Patient 3

"Dr. Patel, you and your staff listened to me and provided excellent health care. I particularly appreciated the follow up calls to check on me."


Patient 4

"Thank you, You are answered prayer as well as being as a fne physician and a very caring man. I salute you, YOUR'E GREAT."


Patient 5

"I just wanted to say that I greatly respect and appreciate your skills as a doctor, but more so as a caring individual."


Patient 6

"My experience was with Dr. Patel and it was a wonderful one. ... With the proper prescriptions and follow up, I am back on my feet and living my life."


Patient 7

"I am most grateful for the care and comfort of the treatment I have received. ... Many thanks, too, for your imaginative and unafraid approach."


Patient 8

"Dr. Patel started treating for asthma that very day. In a week time, I was feeling much better."


Patient 9

"I found that you are not only an excellent, caring doctor but also your staff is extremely helpful and pleasant."


Patient 10

"You were all interested in me as a person, not a number. You wanted me to get to feeling better."


Patient 11

"A family member recommended you. I called and Jose was so kind and understanding and I had an appointment that afternoon. In two days, only because of your help, was feeling better and on the road to recovery."


Patient 12

"You have always encouraged me to call when I need something. I appreciate you a great deal and feel comfortable with you caring for my family."


Patient 13

"I have seen numerous doctors in a lifetime, but you are by far the most interested and dedicated doctor that I have seen."


Patient 14

"Thank you so much for all you've done and I know will continue to do. I'm very grateful for your sincere concern and all your calls.... and you took time to care for me while I was there."


Patient 15

"The world's a better place by far because of people like you, who take the time to do nice things the way you always do.

Thanks so much."


Patient 16

"Dear Dr. Patel,

I was most happy with my treatment and subsequent recovery from my recent allergies involving rashes and hives."


Patient 17

"Thank you for helping my daughter to get well and thank you for your warmth and concern. As a professional should be with their patient and the family is concern. Thank you again."

Patient 18

"I had sinus and allergy problems for the last 40 years. No other doctor seemed to do any good. You have done in one visit more good than any other Doctor has ever helped." 


Patient 19

"Dear Dr. Patel, Thank you so much for the excellent and comprehensive exam on Monday....... Thanks again."

Patient 20

"Thank you for the exam on Monday. The medication is working on my hives. Your an excellent doctor, and will be recommended to my friends."

Patient 21

"Had it not been for your thoughtfulness, I'm sure he would have been in a far worse condition. He is now progressing and hopefully, he will be able to be released from the hospital soon. 


Patient 22

"I had sinus and allergy problems for the last 40 years. No other doctor seemed to do any good. You have done in one visit more good than any other Doctor has ever helped." 


Patient 23

"I was having problems at night and you suggested using my puffers when I went to bed has really helped. I have been sleeping a lot better." 

Patient 24

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well as be your patient. You Sir, are a credit to your profession."

Patient 25

"Since reaching my once-a-month maintenance dose of allergy shots, I have felt much better. Actually, I can't remember having felt this well in years. Thank you."

Patient 26

"I just want you to know my feelings were not in anyway the same. Thank you for being a human being with heart... I deeply appreciate your concern and caring nature."


Patient 27

"Thank you Dr. Patel and each member of your staff for the caring/concern and patience you all give to us.I compliment each of your ladies for being so kind as their doctor is."


Patient 28

"Dear Doctor

I want you to know that you are, a wonderful person. And I am glad I have you for a doctor, And you have a wonderful staff."


Patient 29

"I do appreciate this so very much as it is quite a savings to me. I am doing much, much better and do appreciate your manner with patients."


Patient 30

"Very generous on your part. Thank you so much. They couldn't have a better doctor any where than you. Because you have helped me so much. Thank you." 


Patient  31

"Please note too that with an improvement in my lungs. I have lost weight (about 15 pounds). I attribute that to increased oxygen in my system and metabolism."


Patient 32

"I want to thank you personally for the interest you had in my welfare, the many efforts you made, and the many calls I received from your people."

Patient 33

"Your staff too, each one had a little something that helped me in my distress. You have a good crew as they say, take care of them."

Patient 34

"I just want you to know how much we appreciate what you did for my husband ****. Your diagnosis and treatment has made such a big difference.


Patient  35

"I hope you, your wife, and your son are doing well. He will need a sister if he is to be a whole person. Well, talk it ones." 


Patient 36

"I send all my friends to him! What about that Dr. Patel. He's the greatest in the world. 


Patient 37

"Dr. A. Patel, Your actions in helping the risky students are commendable; both as a citizen of the community and as a professional. Perhaps your actions will be emulated by others.

Patient 38

"Dr. Patel, Thank you so much for your treatment of my asthma. It is a joy to be able to breathe more easily." 

Patient  39

"To the doctor who Top's. Thanks for you loving concern for my son and me... I know your job is not easy but thanks to you. You have kept us alive and well.

Patient 40

"I would like to thank you so much for your help with me and my son. Your whole staff is so nice. We really do appreciate all you do for us."

Patient 41

"Dear Dr. Patel, Words cannot express how thankful I am for the fine medical care I received in your office. You were as kind, considerate, and conscientious."


Patient 42

"Dr. Patel,

Many, many thanks for your time, consideration and medical knowledge on my asthmatic condition." 


Patient  43

"I am writing to thank you so very much for the medical help and consideration you have given me and my husband since I became your patient."

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